Tenter frame process is the most prevalent film orientation process. Most of the biaxially oriented films used in packaging are produced using this technology.

The advantage of using this technology is high productivity due to very large units and capable of producing finished film over 300 inches wide.

KIN using this technology to produce PET & Nylon. So they called as BOPET & BOPA.


Tubular frame process is called as simultaneous tubular film orientation, commonly known as the “double-bubble” process. The advantage of using this technology is Isotropic property (Balanced MD & TD) and the lower scale of capital investment.

KIN using this technology to produce Nylon. So it called as BOPA.


We have an outstanding and stable manufacturing team, which have kept making breakthroughs in techniques, equipment, management and energy saving. They create consistent high-quality products for customers, which guarantee the price and quality advantages of our company, KOLON INA.


We have state-of-the-art production lines armed with the most advanced equipment imported from Germany, Japan, Austria and other countries.

With stable and highly automated machines, our products can meet the different needs of customers and the changing market. We are world-renowned for our high quality products and have strong competitiveness all over the world.


  • All stakeholders and employees adhere to the principles of quality and professionalism for customer expectation & satisfaction.
  • The company ensure to provide the best quality raw materials, stability production, and on time delivery. 
  • The machine & tools to produce and inspect our PET & Nylon film are always calibrated according to the specifications and within film quality standard.
  • Our PET & Nylon films have complied with Food Safety & Hygiene complience, FDA regulations, EU food safety and Halal commitment.
  • The company following the ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System) to ensure the system was well implemented throughout the organization.