Polyester Film | ASTROLL

ASTROLL is the brand name of PT. KOLON INA’s Polyester film. ASTROLL features excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties with a wide variety of applications.

KOLON INA has produced under the technology of Kolon Industries Inc., Korea who has earned recognition from various International Standardization Association such as US FDA, German BGA, Japan Food Hygiene, UL and has gained ISO 9002 from BSI.


Flexible Packaging

Widely used in general packaging, printing, laminating, shrinkage labels, and coated products with excellent mechanical properties and thermal stability. Even used in food packaging with high transparency and gloss, chemical resistance, excellent gas barrier and waterproof properties without toxicity or odor.


PET Films for industrial use provide excellent transparency, adhesion, electrical insulation, cold and hot resistance, and are widely used in PV back sheets, antistatic films, adhesive tape, silicon films, solar control films, cable and insulation and many more.


Merits of both metal and plastics film have well been incorporated into metallized film so that it can provide its users with versatile applications. ASTROLL's outstanding properties in heat stability, transparency and durability offer success in vacuum metallizing, and feature further potential in developing new articles.

Detail Product & Recommendation

Product Thickness
Type Corona Features Application
PET Film 9, 10, 11, 12, 16 FP - Plain
- One side Corona treated
- Both side Corona treated
- Excellent printability
- Excellent mechanical properties
- Dimensional stability
Flexible Packaging
11, 12, 16, 23 FM - Plain
- One side Corona treated
- Both side Corona treated
- Excellent insulation
- Heat resistance
Industrial, Metalizing