Nylon Film (Tubular) | AMIDROLL

AMIDROLL is biaxially simultaneous tubular oriented Nylon-6 film manufactured first in Korea by the accumulated technologies and the most updated facilities of KOLON who has been experienced in producing nylon filament yarn since 1963 and polyester film since 1991. It is now also manufactured in Indonesia at PT. KOLON INA.

AMIDROLL has superior properties such as high transparency, wide tolerance temperature, excellent mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, excellent gas & aroma barrier, excellent oil & chemical resistance and high resistance to impact, puncture & pin-hole.


Frozen Food

AMIDROLL resists the impact of puncture and pin-holing effectively even under frozen conditions. It also excels in packaging frozen or chilled fishes, meat, vegetables.

Liquid Food

AMIDROLL is essential to pack seasoned liquid food such as soup, soya sauce, cream and many more.

Retort Food

AMIDROLL is suitable for sterilization and pasteurization of liquid, pasty or dry food.


And also it can used for many packaging applications such as rice & grain, chemical fertilizer & agricultural, toy balloons, electrical parts and many more.

Detail Product & Recommendation

Product Thickness
Type Corona Features Application
Nylon FIlm
( Tubular )
12, 15 NP - Plain
- One side Corona treated
- Both side Corona treated
- Balanced in MD/TD properties
- Heat & cold resistance
- High puncture resistance
- Excellent gas & aroma barrier
Flexible Packaging, Retort