Nylon Film (Tenter) | KOFIL

KOFIL has superior properties such as Most even thickness, high transparancy, excellent mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, excellent gas & aroma barrier, excellent oil & chemical resistance and high resistance to impact, puncture & pin-hole.


Frozen Food & Liquid Food

KOFIL resists the impact of puncture and pin-holing effectively even under frozen conditions. It also excels in packaging frozen or chilled fishes, meat, vegetables and also in liquid food such as soup, soya sauce, cream, many more.

Retort Food

KOFIL is suitable for sterilization and pasteurization of liquid, pasty or dry food due to good stability, wide temperature tolerance and abrasion resistance.

Alu-Alu Foil

KOFIL is suitable for Alu-Alu foil. It is an excellent multilayered structure designed for highly sensitive range of pharmaceutical and generic medicines. It is used as barriers to moisture, air, and gases, light and maximizes fracture-free forming capabilities. Alu-Alu foil layer structure as follows : Nylon/Ad/AluFoil/Ad/PVC, as Nylon has essential function as a good gas barrier and puncture resistance.

In-Line Coating Chemical Treatment

KOFIL has further advanced technology to increasing the adhesion strength with coating chemical. Beside that, KOFIL with coating chemical can be applied for Book Cover due to superior properties as good resistance to scratch, high adhesion and high transparency.

Detail Product & Recommendation

Product Thickness
Type Corona In-Line Coating Features Application
Nylon Film
12, 15, 20, 25 NT - Plain
- One side Corona treated
- Both side Corona treated
- - Most even thickness
- High Gas & Aroma Barrier
- High Puncture & Abrasion Resistance
Flexible Packaging, Retort, Alu-Alu Foil
12, 15 NE - - One side Chemical coating treated
- Both side Chemical coating treated
High Adhesion High Packaging Application, Bookcover, Balloon